Register With Ease provides event registration software as a service for its clients.  Register With Ease clients determine which data elements are included in their registration process and what data elements are populated by registrants.  Any access to or use of client data by Register With Ease employees is incidental to performing Register With Ease’s contractual obligations to its clients as a provider of registration management solutions.  Our cloud infrastructure emphasizes data encryption at every step with fully dedicated encrypted databases that maintain privacy best practices and are GDPR compliant.  Sensitive data such as credit card numbers is protected by the use of encryption; however, information received via the internet or email is not a 100% secure environment, so we cannot ensure or warrant the security of that information.

For each visitor to the registration web pages, the web server automatically recognizes and records only IP address and browser type/version.  With respect to cookies, we use cookies to record session information to make processing easier, more secure and private by allowing us to not ask you to repeat information already provided.

When users supply email addresses, postal addresses or telephone numbers through this site, those users will only receive information and will only be contacted in a manner tied to the purpose or transaction for which the information was provided.

With respect to ad servers, we do not partner with or have relationships with any ad server companies and have no advertising on this site.


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